About Me

Hello  I’m Armand!
I tell jokes. I’m funny sometimes.

About Pages are trouble; they might as well be a secret, eighth gate of hell. When you ask someone to talk about himself, you’re inviting all sorts of forces darker than any night Mr. Grey could plan, past even the point that calling 50 Shades of Grey a reject soft-core porn ‘ironic’. When someone starts talking about himself, the trouble hotline blings.

I thought I should begin with this, as if dedicating the first paragraph will keep this page less self-centered than the mind can imagine. Full disclosure: it will be. You clicked on it, so.

I don’t want to burden you with one of those bullshit intros that says I’m a free spirit because I’m neither the son of a senator nor I am able to spend millions of pesos on Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. So. Yep. Not a free spirit at all. Like you, I also work a 9-to-5, get frustrated because I’m fat and lazy, and am absolutely vulnerable to procrastination. This isn’t a promise that what you’ll see on this blog will be completely unfiltered, but a reminder that, like you, I’m largely susceptible to falling to the abyss that is binge-watching videos on YouTube.

ARMND.com is my home. It’s where I post about life, the arts, internet culture, and more. Here, I tell funny stories. I like writing in a way that makes one laugh, or at least grin, sort of like one of those videos the Fine Brothers are currently making because there had been a lot of backlash from their foolish attempt to trademark the word “react”.

It’s weird to call ARMND.com a personal blog, too. One is because I have been blogging about films and have been warily stripping to my true nerd self since the beginning of the 2010’s, and those years have been deeply personal to me. Another is because I will for sure write a lot of stuff outside my life: from things I watch, read, listen to, to the few places I visit. I guess making my name the name of this blog makes it personal, then. And that should be enough “personal” for now.

I am currently one of the hosts of the weekly Typist Podcast and often appear on the YouTube channel. I’m also a producer there. I contribute to a bunch of sites as well, including Screen AnarchySubselfie Philippines, and Film Police Reviews, the site I founded a few years ago. I’m all over the place, which is good for someone who’s made a living out of talking about movies, books, and video games. Sadly, I’m all over the place, too—yes, in that other sense of the word, but there’s nothing a bowl of ramen can’t fix, am I right?. I’ll live. Probably. I hope. Please, God.

This, I think, is simply a roundabout way of saying that I don’t have the ideal life. I don’t always have the right mindset nor the right jokes. I try to get it right but at most I’m only funny perhaps half the time.

This blog, therefore, is an invitation to make mistakes with me. Haven’t I told you About Pages are trouble?


I’m on Twitter and Instagram! Follow me on both platforms if you like. I’m also running a YouTube channel. A podcast is also in the works! Click here if you want to contact me.