Make. It. Count.

Make. It. Count.

“Laugh it out. Make it count.”

As virtual folk, plenty of things in life pass us by. We are living in an interesting time where connecting and disconnecting is done conveniently with a tap of a button. We are, in short, living in an epilog of a Ray Bradbury novel. It is exhilarating and terrifying, both.

This is where the decision to build stems from. This blog is a time warp, in the same way that a scrapbook is: here I clip stories from my daily life, moments I’m afraid will slip by me. I am, effectively, freezing time. Using the time warp, like Marty McFly, I zoom back to the past and then—frustratingly—back again to the time when Duterte and Trump and Putin exists. As I’ve said, these are exhilarating and terrifying times we’re living in.

As I’ve said, these are exhilarating and terrifying times we’re living in. But I digress.

Make. It. Count. Make. It. Count.

I envision the blog to become something of an archive of photographs—memories I capture in “virtual vignettes”. You can also call the blog a “personal” or a “lifestyle” blog.

It’s a free world. For now. (Okay, I got to quit it with these Duterte-Trump-Putin jokes).

I guess as it evolves, calling the blog one thing will not be accurate. And if one thing will be that, it will be you who will know what it is. Besides, I’m an idiot, and will for sure post stuff outside of my oft-uneventful Metro life. These could be anything from films, books, music, culture, technology—literally anything.

Just like photographs, these “virtual vignettes” I post hold special purpose: one, to house moments in my life I choose to memorialize; and two, to tolerate my random bursts of often crass, probably-but-I’m-not-entirely-sure-if-it-is-adorable type of humor. I’ve been called “funny” by one of two persons I asked, so that must say something, right?

I guess what I am trying to say is, rather than show you a spotless version of my life, I’ll share all the grimy little shit-dumps I seem to always fall—face-first!—into. I’d be glad to.

We’ll laugh at it together. That’s how I know it counts.