HAIM's "Hard Times" - Telegrammys #2

“Right Now” by HAIM – Telegrammys #2

This week’s Telegrammy is of yet another comeback single, albeit a bare, stripped-down one.

Paramore’s “Hard Times” debuted Telegrammys, a weekly feature on this blog in which I discuss with a number of friends new music via the messaging app Telegram.

Paramore’s comeback single is an exhaustive relentless stream of bursting color. HAIM’s “Right Now” by contrast is decidedly muted, packaged as an intimate backstage session so happened touched with the cinematic bent of auteur Paul Thomas Anderson. The song does not have sprightly riffs nor livelier marimbas. I don’t think it occupying people’s playlists for some time. But the squalling guitars and thundering drums toward the song’s climax exclaim an exasperation familiar to Paramore’s assured summer hit. “Gave you my love, you gave me nothing/ Said what I gave wasn’t enough,” points Danielle Haim, and then spits later on: “And now you’re saying that you need me, babe/ Right now. Right now.”

The woman depicted in the song, to say the least, is pissed straight-up.

The song is not perfect. Abby and Sachie think this is true. And to some extent, I do too.

The whole of it feels skeletal, flawed, incomplete. Somewhere in the song is a sobered realization: “Not now, not now/ I know you heard me through an open window,” and on comes the fire that is the last two chorus. Alana and Este devouring percussion and bass is the greatest “na-uh, fuck off boii” I’ve seen in the year so far.

If anything, the song is a promise. That the success of their 2013 album Days Are Gone and touring with Taylor Swift have not put them in a blind voyage into superfluous pop music many of their contemporaries’ successes have. More heebie-jeebie, retro-pop-rock bangers for us, it means.

Their new album Something To Tell You comes out July 7th.

Now that all of these are out of the way, here’s our Telegram convo with Abby and Sachie.

HAIM's "Right Now" - Telegrammys #2

Thanks to Abby and Sachie for participating on this week’s Telegrammys. Ritz is currently enjoying Zambales in case you were wondering why he was a no-show this episode. Follow them on Twitter: @riceunicorn @sachxreyes @marcritzz.

What are your thoughts on the new HAIM song? Hit the comments. Let’s discuss!

Telegrammys is a weekly feature in which I talk about new music with my friends via the messaging app, Telegram. If you haven’t installed it yet, you should. It’s fun, and your life will be in stickers.