Sony Alpha a5000: Essential traveler and vlogger companion?

Sony Alpha a5000: Essential traveler and vlogger companion?

With its supremely compact and robust built, its large sensor, and not-so-large price, the Sony Alpha a5000 is becoming adored among travelers and vloggers.

Capturing great images is easier than it has ever been before, thanks largely to advancements in technology and camera engineering. Cameras are becoming more and more featherweight, without much compromise in both technical feats and real-world performance. Even smartphone cameras are catching up (or at least it tries) to what supposedly superior, more expensive cameras can offer.

Enter mirrorless cameras. These are special devices: they have similar functionalities with DSLRs (sometimes even better) packed in a small, portable form-factor. It’s a proper step-up for that casual shutterbug wanting to up the ante for his/her photography.

Sony Alpha a5000: Essential traveler and vlogger companion?

It’s perfect, in my opinion, for travellers and vloggers. The features of a mirrorless camera tick all the boxes that every adventurer needs: a big sensor, a robust hardware, and an efficient software that all collectively help travellers capture every moment that they want to contain in a picture.

What is the best mirrorless camera?

Among the best is the Sony Alpha a5000. It’s a well-engineered camera, built like a rock, and takes amazing photos and records terrific video. Here are some of the great things about it:

It has an enormous sensor, a 20.1MP Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor to be exact. That’s unhinged. It’s as powerful, and sometimes more powerful, than sensor that can be found in expensive DSLR cameras. This censor is also expected to perform better than said cameras, which is, for its small formfactor, is always mindboggling.

The autofocus is fast. It’s ridiculously fast. The hybrid autofocus feature is such a gem, as it allows you to shift focus speedily and even improve low-light performance.

The video performance is terrific, and in the case for vloggers/travellers filming, it’s doubly awesome. Because it is lightweight, it’s much more comfortable to extend your arms and film yourself (the 3″ LCD screen can be flipped up so you can have a better view of the shot). It will not fatigue your arms as much as a typical DSLR camera would. Also, there’s a dedicated movie button that outputs your footage in both MP4 and AVCHD format with stereo sound.

It has Wi-Fi and NFC. It makes sharing of your photos and videos almost frictionless.

Here’s a quick look into what the device looks like.

Why I think the Sony Alpha A5000 is perfect for travellers and vloggers

The aforementioned features sums up exactly why that is. It has an efficiently performing sensor, a tremendously impressive autofocus capabilities, and a well-rounded shooting and filming performance that travellers and vloggers both could only hope for in this price point.

But then again, these are all just words. It’s better to illustrate with real-world examples. Check out this vlog from eyeformakeup, in which she gives a side-by-side comparison between the quality of an entry-level DSLR and a mirrorless camera.

It’s clear that if you are looking to move from a DSLR camera to a mirrorless one, the Alpha a5000 is an ideal choice for you to do it with. If you are, however, coming from shooting travel photos using your iPhone or an action camera and want an upgrade, here are a couple of great illustrations.


At such a decent price point, the Sony Alpha a5000 is definitely worthy of your consideration.

I’d like to take it for a spin for myself, maybe shoot a bunch of videos and edit together a small little film highlighting the points I just mentioned. If you want to see that, I urge that you share this article and comment down below. Also, do let me know if you like these tech pieces. I enjoy writing them.