About Us

1 in 5 women in the UK will suffer sexual assault in their lifetime.

Our vision at Armnd is to create a safer world for people of all ages including men, women and children by creating safe and effective products that deter anybody who wishes to enter your personal space inappropriately.

We are dedicated to help make a change to the following statistics, one product at a time!

It is estimated that there were between 430,000 and 517,000 adult victims of sexual offences in the last year [in England].

– Ministry of Justice

1 in 4 women have been sexually abused before the age of eighteen.

– NHS England

20% of women and 4% of men have experienced some type of sexual assault since the age of 16.

– Rape Crisis

Only 15% of serious sexual offences and 21% of partner abuse incidents are reported to the police.